Discover the lost tastes of the typical cuisine from Trentino with a touch of innovation

We are willing to genuinely satisfy our guest’s tastes, using typical food from Valsugana and Trentino. Every day is a challenge for us, because we’re always searching for new flavours. Nif is in a natural unique place and in a land where traditions are still alive. Our chef reads the typical cuisine from Trentino in his own way, managing to link perfectly the past and the future. With us you will be able to live every moment of your day as a taste hymn, starting from a rich breakfast, then a lovely lunch until dinner time, with a refreshing Aperitif and a great dinner.

Both in winter, in front of our fireplace, and in summer, on our terraces where you can admire our fascinating mountains, you can enjoy genuine dishes, created with art and attention to detail. The variety of our menu will surprise you both for great ingredients and the touch of originality.

An endless journey through traditional Trentino cuisine

Breakfast has a home taste and it’s ideal to start your day with a smile and the right energy for outdoor activities. Lunch and dinner attract local and foreigner guests, willing to taste high-quality ingredients. We lead you through an excellent food and wine path, to let you taste unique experiences.

Aperitif with great company

This is surely one of the most sought moments at our Maso; our aperitif is the ideal occasion to spend happy moments with friends, a lovely wine or a special beer. We are delighted to offer delicious finger food for this special moment.