Experience unique emotions of a tandem flight with the paragliding school in Trento

We are in the ideal location for the paragliding and hang gliding fans. On the lot opposite our entrance door many take – off take place during sunny days. Whether you are professionals or amateurs, you can get to know Levico Terme, Valsugana and the surrounding landscapes from a privileged point of view.
The paragliding school in Trento will enable you to do a tandem flight together with instructors and friends and you will get to know the marvellous reality where we live.

Spend a holiday at Nif following your passions and make your “to do list” dreams come true.
Our place is the reference point for pilots from all over the world, thanks to our convivial and peaceful atmosphere.

It’s never too late to fly

We wrote this in our payoff because we think this is what makes our offer unique. With us, you can dream.
We are spectators both of flights and of people at the first experience in their life, making their wishes come true.
The partnership with the paragliding school in Trento Club Volo Libero Trentino is precious, offering tandem flights, as well as the one with the Trentino free flight school.

Services for your well-being

After spending a few hours in the open-air, you can taste our chef’s culinary creations, with a good glass of wine and you can relax on our terraces, where you can find our sauna with a beautiful view.